Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000 buses, trains, trucks, box trucks, vans, or semi’s Choice Cleaning Services is the premier pressure washing and fleet washing service in the U.S. We use a fleet washing process that cleans the exteriors and interiors of all vehicles to keep your company fleets clean and compliant to all DOT standards. We squeegee clean windows when necessary and take the extra steps to ensure there are no hard water stains or water spots left on any of our fleets we wash. We understand it is difficult to keep fleets clean all year long. That’s why we offer regular fleet washing maintenance programs to ensure your vehicles are cleaned on a regular basis. We use steaming hot water to blast away grease and debris from the tires and bodies of all vehicles whether you have a large or small fleet. Call Choice Cleaning Services today for a free fleet washing quote!

Choice Hoods uses proven methods for removing grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the kitchen hood canopies, filters, ductwork and exhaust fans. We ensure compliance with fire and health codes. We hand/steam clean the entire kitchen exhaust hood and duct system from top to bottom. Kitchen Exhaust Hood system: fan, duct, filters, to bare metal in accordance with NFPA 96 Code Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection

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