When the last table is done and the kitchen closes, Choice Hoods commercial kitchen cleaning services goes to work.

Our staff is ready to give the best in commercial kitchen cleaning solutions to make sure your satisfied.

You have high standards and serve only the highest quality food, so it’s important use those same standards carry over to your kitchen’s cleanliness.

Having a clean commercial kitchen not only allows your customers to be happy, but also your entire staff to be happy.

With commercial kitchen cleaning services by Choice Hoods, your work environment and dining area will be ready for action every day and in pristine condition for the next service time.

When you want commercial kitchen cleaning services that make dining experiences memorable and your staff motivated.

We will thoroughly wash, clean and sanitize ceilings, walls, floors, doors, door jams, drains, sink areas, table tops and frames.

Storage racks, processing equipment, cooler boxes, refrigeration evaporator coils and fans Electronics and scales are not included.

The area to be cleaned must be cleared by your employees prior to the service.Custom Cleaning to Your Specifications, power wash, scrub or chemically clean most surfaces.

Steam clean and/or power wash all interior and exterior surfaces; tile floors, concrete, masonry, epoxy, drives, walks, asphalt – you name it! Restroom and facilities.

Food preparation and service departments.

Carts, racks and storage containers Case Cleaning Exhaust hoods and appliances (ovens, fryers and stoves Unique cleaning challenges (specifically designed by you).

Choice Hoods uses proven methods for removing grease and flammable residues from the interior surfaces of the kitchen hood canopies, filters, ductwork and exhaust fans. We ensure compliance with fire and health codes. We hand/steam clean the entire kitchen exhaust hood and duct system from top to bottom. Kitchen Exhaust Hood system: fan, duct, filters, to bare metal in accordance with NFPA 96 Code Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection

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